Product Photography


Did some product photography for Nucleoskin, of two products that will be launched.
These will be used for marketing and for their website.

Product Photography Product Photography Product Photography

About Nucleoskin

Over the last thirty years, nucleotides were developed into a commercial product through scientific research and innovation.  Dr Peter Koepel from Switzerland is the principal inventor of Nutri-tide.  Over the last twenty years, approximately five hundred clinical tests were conducted on animals increasing their nutritional efficiency, as well as approximately fifty same trials on humans, resulting in numerous articles, reviews in medical journals, academic publications and related editorials. For this, no animal or human were harmed in any way whatsoever.

As promoter of NucleoSel, Mr Leunis Van Rooyen established a cordial business relationship with Koepel over the last decade.  As a result, Van Rooyen obtained the sole distribution rights on the African continent for the range of Nutri-tide products from Switzerland (exclusively for human consumption, as well as for applications in plants). Currently, NucleoSel offers an uncomplicated business process and functional area.  For product development, NucleoSel envisage to improve the Nutri-tide product range with complementary materials locally and with advanced claims for anti-ageing, a range of diseases and health conditions.